Dear website visitors and interested parties,

I’m extremely pleased about the positive development that sees increasing numbers of people expressing their displeasure at the still insufficient level of political energy being dedicated to the issue climate, environmental and nature protection around the world.

The urgently required measures in these areas unfortunately makes it necessary for many people around the world to continue to urge and motivate our politicians to act more consistently and with significantly more foresight.

There is enough to do. After all, the global problems in the areas of climate, environmental and nature protection unfortunately have not become any smaller over the past years. Whether it’s about protecting species and the oceans, or preserving our forests and flora, or whether it involves the food we eat and the water we drink, or the scores of other problems related to protecting the climate, the environment and nature, we have a wide range of problems that urgently need to be solved.

I heard the following statement from marine Biologist Sabine Airoldi in an interesting film about how whales are being threatened by plastic waste in the Mediterranean Sea: “The time has come to say, I have to do something now.” This brief sentence is exactly what motivated me to conceive the “Hope” information project.

Today, numerous films and interesting articles available on the Internet offer many people a fantastic opportunity to acquire in-depth information about the important issues of climate, environmental and nature protection. We need to take advantage of this enormous information resource now – above all on a global basis – as a means to solve these issues much more quickly with new ideas and concerted efforts.

I would be absolutely delighted if the “Hope” information project helps all of us to become better informed and that we learn to deal with our planet in a more responsible manner.

… together we are stronger

Bruno Wilbert


P.S. Those who want to help raise the awareness level of the “Hope” information project even more can of course send the link for the project website to friends, acquaintances and coworkers, or post it on blogs, group forums and their own website. Your help is sincerely appreciated!