The “Hope” information project was conceived by Bruno Wilbert with the aim of encouraging more people around the world to become interested and involved in the issues of climate, environmental and nature protection. He designed a 3.2-meter high sculpture called “Hope” exclusively for this project.

The focus of the project is “Hope”, an ocean dweller with serious concerns about our numerous environmental problems , who is making an appeal to mankind. We are pleased that the initial outdoor photographs have drawn a lot of attention to the project.


… and I have serious concerns about the contamination of our global oceans and many of the other environmental problems the world is facing.

If you also believe the environment deserves better protection, then do your part by taking several pictures of me and these words and send them to other people. You can thus help increase the chances that many others will learn about and become involved in protecting our climate, environment and nature.

This is something I really hope for. After all, it would be good for all of us.

Thank you!



The media partnership with the Internet information portals and ensures regular coverage of the “Hope” project within the continuously updated section “Ecology, environment and nature protection. Since its inception, this section has been updated with more than 10,000 press releases containing interesting information on the topics of climate, environmental and nature protection, which of course also includes information about our oceans:

The innovations-report is not the only resource that offers valuable impulses and information related to climate, environmental and nature protection. In the rubric “Info-Links”, readers can access a wide range of other websites covering these issues:


How can you support the Hope project and send a signal at the same time?

Companies and private individuals can help to ensure that “Hope” sculptures are installed worldwide and at the same time that international climate, environmental and nature conservation projects are supported.

The special thing about this is that you also have the opportunity to make an important, personal statement within the framework of the “Hope” information project. Together with friends, with the family, with club members or with colleagues, this is even possible for a net amount of €5.00 per person.

… together we are stronger