How can you support the Hope project and send a signal at the same time?

Through the media partnership with the innovations-report information portal, not only companies but also private individuals have an opportunity to continuously raise the awareness level of the “Hope” information project by activating information banners within innovations-report. The initiator of the innovations-report utilizes 100% of the net income generated by the placement of these information banners for the installation of the “Hope” sculptures in various countries and for the promotion of interesting climate, environmental and nature conservation projects (50% each).

The peculiarity of this is that it can be mentioned by whom the information banner was placed. This allows many people, associations, institutions and companies to make an important public statement regarding the increasingly significant issues of climate, environmental and nature protection.

Information banners are integrated into the editorial pages of the innovations-reports, directly in the press release section for high impact. The placement of an info banner is already possible at a net price of €25.00, including naming up to 5 names, if desired. Together with friends, with the family, with club members or with colleagues, this is already possible for a net amount of €5.00 per person.

Activation of the banners is straightforward:

The initiator of the innovations-report is simply informed via the following e-mail address that a banner is desired (please also indicate whether a name should be mentioned).

The activator then receives an invoice per e-mail. Banner activation occurs directly after payment of the invoice. To ensure that activation can be confirmed at any time, the activator receives an e-mail with the link to the website on which the information banner has been placed.

Please use this e-mail address for banner activations: banner(at)